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Check out some of the comments from people in our community as a result of completing Origins Reborn
Results from our Origins Students

Cheryl Hay

Origins has been truly remarkable. From the 1st page I knew that this was what I have been looking for my whole adult life. The way the content of the book was written made me feel as if it was meant for me personally. The hints, little tips relating to how important it is to take advantage of life’s situations made perfect sense. I have now been using the book as my guide daily and I know that by continuing to follow these helpful suggestions each and every day, my life will continue to be filled with abundance. I love it! Thank you so much!

Kim Champion

Very inspirational. Using the audio book alongside the daily affirmations has truly changed my outlook. I’ve managed to let go of my resentment for a currently bad life situation (bad workplace accident) and instead refocus my energy on creating a new bright future for myself. Wishing you & the team many thanks for the inspirational teachings and links that further improve my understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Mini Aggarwal

I know have a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction. Its application is becoming more simple now. I am more happy and positive in my thoughts than I was before. I listen to it often and by listening it helps me increase my energy levels and give me confidence to perform better.

Jenny Moggridge

Origins e-book and audio book has helped me to concentrate better on what I want in the future. So often, due to memory issues, I lose track of what I’m doing and where I’m going. Frequent listening to the audio book, especially when I go to bed, has kept me more focused – helping me not to get so easily distracted. Thanks you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

Leah Mattina

The book was very helpful and I even recommended it to a friend. I wrote down many of the strategies presented in the book and try to listen to it whenever I can in my spare time.

Katie Ann Stybr

The work you’ve done for people like me is such a tremendous gift, and I couldn’t possibly express my gratitude into a few words for you to really know how much I truly appreciate you and your products!
I love your audiobook and enjoy listening to it everywhere I go. I printed out the book to scribble notes on and truly feel like I am making progress. And the Portal Program? Oh my goodness! In love! I enjoy the short excerpts you’ve created and the thorough worksheets to check my progress! I just love what you’ve done and am very grateful to be part of it!

Franny Treymaine

Beautiful. Gives clarity and understanding. I realise I am responsible for everything in my life and if I want to change and gain anything I work on changing the beliefs I have. Grateful. Thank you for teaching me.


How is Origins Reborn different from other programs?


Origins Reborn is unlike any other manifesting program available – there is no wishing on a star and ‘hoping’ for good fortune, this is based on proven science backed by credible research.

In 2003, Dr. Rollin McCraty conducted a study at the HeartMath Institute used an EKG machine, along with other heart monitors, to measure the electromagnetic strength of brain waves versus heart waves. It was discovered, that the heart produces a magnetic field that’s about 5,000 times more powerful than the brain. This provides clarity on those times when you say: “It’s like my mind wants one thing, and my heart wants something else.”

Who is Katherine Hurst and why should I listen to her?


Katherine Hurst is not your typical guru. Nor is she one of those lucky people.

Once a struggling single mother who used to slave away at her day job just to put food on the table for her kids, desperate to change her life but only found herself back where she started each time. She promised herself to remain resilient no matter what, to turn things around at all costs. 20 years ago, Katherine discovered the secrets that changed her life for the better, and has since been teaching people to manifest faster using their Intention Point.

Katherine is also the founder of the largest Law of Attraction community in the world with over 10 million followers.

How does Origins Reborn work?


The Origins Reborn program is delivered via membership area. To ensure the best e-learning experience, leading technology has been utilized. Simply log in – and all the teaching materials are there for you, ready when you are. The program is intuitive to use but if at any point you have questions, just contact our friendly customer happiness team and they’ll be happy to help you.

How soon will I see results?


Although every person is different – some students have experienced powerful results almost instantly, with some others reporting results in months and even weeks too – the timefram can vary. However, what they all have in common, is resilience, belief and determination to make it a change. When the intention is truly set, when time is invested to read, learn, and be consistent, the skys the limit.

You are a powerful manifestor and you already possess the superpowers needed to manifest the life you want. Just remember that you have the choice to create results, the question is, when will you start?

What if Origins Reborn isn’t for me?


The first thing is to contact our friendly customer happiness team so that they can understand if you have been correctly using Origins Reborn. Our experienced team are also students too – so they can lend a helpful hand where possible.
Plus, you are covered by our Manifest Faster Or It’s Free guarantee. You have a full 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee and no questions asked.

Can I come back and get Origins Reborn later?


When you leave, there is no guarantee this will still be available when you return. This is why there are two paths to take – the first path is to walk away and try to fix the Poverty Mistake on your own, or take the second path by using Origins Reborn to embrace your Intention Point and get ahead in life without working hard and wasting time.

Ask Yourself This…
Imagine your life in 6 months time… what have you manifested with the Law of Attraction? And how does this make you feel?

If you don’t enroll in Origins Reborn today, are you sure you’ll manifest exactly what you expect to? If so great! If not, this can help you.

We want to introduce you to our Law of Attraction inner circle and help you create the greatest version of yourself. You can do this if you choose to.

Get access now for one payment of only $416 $49
Limited Time July Promotion
88% discount expiring soon
(CODE: July88 will be applied to cart)

Your order is backed by our 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your program, simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.